Vol. 5, No. 2 – December 2015

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Academic Article

NIKOLAS FEITH TAN, ‘State responsibility for international cooperation on migration control: the case of Australia’

Policy Monitor

LEWIS TURNER, ‘On encampment and gendered vulnerabilities: a critical analysis of the UK’s vulnerable persons relocation scheme for Syrian refugees’

ALEX ODLUM, ‘Syrian informal tented settlements in Jordan: humanitarian gaps and challenges’

Law Monitor

LORNE ALLAN WALDMAN and WARDA SHAZADI MEIGHAN, ‘The wrong end of the wedge: migrants and Islamaphobia in the 2015 Canadian federal election’

ANUBHAV DUTT TIWARA, ‘Forced displacement as a war crime in non-international armed conflicts under the ICC Statute: exploring the horizons of a wider interpretation complimenting international humanitarian law’

Field Monitor
SILVIO MAJORINO, ‘The Italian reception system in the context of southern Sicily’


Dr. MAYA, ‘A long road travelled: Arab trans experiences of persecution and resettlement’