Vol. 4, No. 1 – May 2014

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Academic Articles

SARAH E. FREEMAN, ‘Temporality of Place: Reframing Approaches to Internal Displacement’

YVONNE YANYUN SU, ‘The one billion ‘climate refugees’ that never was: INGOs and the human rights perspective to climate change-induced displacement’

Policy Monitor

SINMI AKIN-AINA, ‘The State of Exception and Legal Ambiguity: The Kenyan Forced Encampment Directive for Urban Refugees’

AINSLIE AVERY, ‘When Politics Dictates Persecution: The Danger of ‘Safe Lists’’

KAT EGHDAMIAN, ‘Religious Plurality and the Politics of Representation in Refugee Camps: Accounting for the Lived Experiences of Syrian Refugees Living in Zaatari’

Law Monitor

VALENTINA HIEGEMANN, ‘Repatriation of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan: Voluntary?’

RICARDA ROESCH, GIULIA JACOVELLA, ANNALISA BEZZI, AND JULIETTE GARMS, ‘The Deficiencies of UNHCR’s RSD Procedure: the Case of Choucha Refugee Camp in Tunisia’

Field Monitor

BENJAMIN PETRINI, ‘Employment and Livelihoods of Sudanese Refugees in Cairo’


ANONYMOUS, ‘Firsthand Experiences of a LGBTQI Asylum Seeker in Uganda’