Vol. 3, No. 1 – May 2013

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Field Monitor

NELE WEßELS AND JANNA WEßELS, ‘Trapped in Greece- A Report about Experiences of Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Border Policemen during the Early Weeks of the Operation Xenios Zeus’

Policy Monitor

LANE KRAINYK, ‘Refugee Healthcare in Canada- Denying Access Based on Origin and Status’

FRANCESCO VECCHIO AND COSMO BEATSON, ‘Resisting government labelling and engaging the community- The ‘March for Protection’ in Hong Kong’


SASAN PANBEHCHI, ASSISTED BY ROGER ELLIS, ‘The Situation of Asylum Seekers in Higher Education in England’

MARTHA MARRAZZA, ‘A Critical Analysis of Kenya’s Forced Encampment Policy for Urban Refugees’

JOHANNA GUSMAN, ‘Recognising the Feminisation of Displacement- The Gendered Impact of Ecuador’s New Refugee Decree’

Academic Articles

DANIEL MURPHY, ‘A British Legacy? Forced Migration, Displacement and Conflict in Eastern Burma’

JONAS ECKE, ‘Anthropology’s Relevance to Policies on Forced Migration’