Vol. 2, No. 2 – November 2012

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Policy Monitor

CHRISTIAN PANGILINAN, ‘Implementing a Revised Refugee Policy for Urban Refugees in Tanzania’

LEANA PODEFZA and CHARLOTTE MANICOM, ‘Avoiding Refoulement- The Need to Monitor Deported Failed Asylum Seekers’

IAN ROBINSON and IFFAT RAHMAN, ‘The Unknown Fate of the Stateless Rohingya’

VICTORIA RIETIG, ‘New Law, Old Impunity- Mexico Has a New Anti-Trafficking Law But Will It Address the Country’s Problems?’

Law Monitor

AINSLIE AVERY, ‘De Lege Ferenda- Sovereignty as Responsibility’ as a Framework for International Internally Displaced Persons Law’

ILONA VAN BREUGEL, ‘Being A Criminal- On the Penalisation of Irregular Residence in the Netherlands’

CAVIDAN SOYKAN, ‘The New Draft Law on Foreigners and International Protection in Turkey’

SABRINA TUCCI, ‘Libya and International Refugee and Asylum Law- Addressing the Protection of Refugees and Migrants Displaced by the 2011 Conflict’

Field Monitor

ELEANOR DANIELSON, ‘Field Report- Revolution, its Aftermath, and Access to Information for Refugees in Cairo’

COREY PATTISON, ‘Barriers to Reform in Myanmar- Displacement of Civilians in Kachin State’

BROOKE MACKENZIE, ‘Seeking Refuge in the Classroom’

First Hand

NINA PERKOWSKI, ‘The Arrival and Summary Deportation of Irregular Migrants in Sicily’

Academic Articles

CHRISTOPH TOMETTEN, ‘Global Freedom of Movement as a Response to Mixed Mass Migration’