Vol. 2, No. 1 – June 2012

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Policy Monitor

CHULHYO KIM, ‘A Step Forward to Refugee Protection? South Korea’s New Refugee Act’

SHEENA CHOI, ‘A Phantom Returns: International Responses to North Korea’s Food Shortage’

PATRICIA WARD, ‘Evolving Roles of National and International NGOs in Protracted Urban Refugee Contexts: The Case of Iraqis in the Middle East’


Law Monitor

KATE OGG, ‘A Question of Discretion: A Critical Analysis of New Legal and Evidentiary Hurdles for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Asylum Seekers in the United Kingdom’

LOUISE COLLEWET, Inhuman Detention Conditions in Bangkok?

TESS HELLGREN, ‘At the Crossroads of Structure and Agency: Investigating the Importance of ‘Legality’ for International Migrants’

KATHERINE KARR, The Lost Children of Britain


Field Monitor

JULIUS M. MARETE, ‘The Resettlement Journey of Somali and Sudanese Refugees from Camps in Kenya to New Zealand’

VALENTINA HIEGEMANN, ‘The Education of Adult Refugees in Cairo: Influences and Impacts’


First Hand

AHMED KHAN, ‘Forced Migration and Global Citizenship: My Reflections on My Transition From Refugee to an Immigrant and Scholar’


Academic Articles

LAURIE LIJNDERS, ‘Caught in the Borderlands: Torture Experienced, Expressed, and Remembered by Eritrean Asylum Seekers in Israel’

SASKIA KOPPENBERG, ‘Where Do Forced Migrants Stand in the Migration and Development Debate’?

ANNA SHEA, ‘Perilous Territory: Non-Status People in Canada’