Vol. 1, No. 2 – October 2011

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V. TAI SAYARATH, Editorial


Field Monitor

AOIFE O’HIGGINS, ‘The Destitution of Young Refugees in the UK

OMATA NAOHIKO, ‘Forgotten or Neglected? Non-Registered Liberian Refugees in Ghana: Their Rights and Protection

TERENCE C. T SHUM, ‘Refugee Protection and Spaces: Seeking Asylum in Hong Kong


Law Monitor

CHRISTIAN KONRAD, ‘Territory, Displacement and Land Restitution in Colombia: The Victims Law as a New Perspective for Internally Displaced Persons?’ 

ADAM WEISS, ‘Forced Migration of Children: Recent Judicial Developments at European Level

AMANDA GRAY’, Age Assessment of Undocumented Migrants in the UK and the Best Interests of the Child‘  


Policy Monitor

DANIELLE J. GRIGSBY, ‘The Silent Plague: Refoulement in the Russian Federation’ 

LUKE LOVELL, ‘Why Australia’s ‘Malaysian Solution’ is no Solution at All

JOAKIM DAUN, ‘Rethinking Durable Solutions for IDPs in West Darfur’ 

ADEAGBO OLUWAFEMI, ‘HIV/Aids Health Exclusion of Forced Migrants: A Challenge to Human Rights‘   

SHEENA CHO, ‘Ethnic Brethren and the National ‘Other’: North Korean Refugee Youth in South Korea


First Hand

ELSA OLIVEIRALili, ‘Searching for the ‘land of opportunities’

ZEYNEP KASLI, ‘Criminalising and Victimising the Migrant: Reflections on the UN Protocol and UNHCR’s Position Against Smuggling