Vol. 1, No. 1 – February 2011

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V. TAI SAYARATH, Editorial


Field, Law and Policy Monitor

HANNAH COOPER, ‘The Politics of Social Exclusion: Asylum support provisions in the UK’s Draft Immigration Bill 2009

BRITTAN HELLER, ‘Terms of Endangerment: Evolving Political and Legal Terminology’for North Koreans

ALICE TAYLOR, ‘Protecting Internally Displaced Women Leaders in Colombia: From Policy to Practice’

ZEYNEP ISIK-ERCAN, ‘Education of Young Burmese Refugees in the Midwestern United States’

LUCY MAYBLIN, ‘Beyond the Hostile State: Imagining Universities of Sanctuary’

SARA RAMEY, ‘Living up to Human Rights in Australia: Observations on Granting Asylum’

TOM BARRATT, ‘Sales over Substance: Pandering to Populism on the Right and the Left


First Hand

ALBERTO GRAJALES GARCÍA, ‘An Epic Journey towards a Refugee Visa’


Academic Articles

JAMES SOUTER, ‘A Culture of Disbelief or Denial? Critiquing Refugee Status Determination in the United Kingdom’

KEANE SHUM, ‘A New Comprehensive Plan of Action: Addressing the Refugee Protection Gap in Southeast Asia through Local and Regional Integration’

THEMBA LEWIS, ‘Come, we kill what is called ‘persecution life’: Sudanese Refugee Youth Gangs in Cairo’


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