Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration (OxMo)

The Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration (OxMo) is an independent, student run publication that moves to engage with various aspects of forced migration through academic scholarship. At its core, OxMo is dedicated to protecting and advancing human rights of individuals who have been forcibly displaced. By monitoring political, legal and practical developments, we seek to draw attention to the plight of forced migrants, identify gaps within existing international and national protection regimes and engage with the many practical and conceptual concerns which perpetuate displacement. We seek to present critical yet balanced analyzes of forced migration issues, placing particular emphasis on monitoring the  policies and actions of  governments, international organizations, and local and international NGOs. Equally, we are committed to giving expression to innovative undertakings that move to alleviate and counter the numerous difficulties that forced migrants face.

Aside from serving as an important academic forum, OxMo is unique in that we seek to establish a space for students to meaningfully take part in the ongoing discourse between scholarship and practice that underpins Forced Migration Studies. We believe that students remain a highly valuable yet under tapped resource in the effort to allay forced migration predicaments and to advance human rights.  Overall, OxMo aims to foster a truly global dialogue that moves beyond the “north/south” dichotomy by cultivating intellectual exchanges between equals.