The Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration (OxMo) is a bi-annual, independent, academic journal that engages with issues of forced migration. By monitoring policy, legal, political and academic developments, OxMo draws attention to the realities of forced migration and identifies gaps in refugee protection. OxMo seeks to engage in a global intellectual dialogue with students, practitioners in the field, academics, NGOs, government representatives, general interest readers and forced migrants.

OxMo differentiates itself from other journals by providing a platform for various types of authors and viewpoints. OxMo is divided into several subsections and thus provides a space not only for academics but also for those wanting to share their firsthand experiences in a less formal style. For more details on our sections, please see the instructions on our submissions page.

The idea of OxMo was born in 2010 when Tai Sayarath proposed to start a student-run journal based at the Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) at the University of Oxford. The editorial board changes every year and consists of students and alumni of the MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies and the MSc in Migration Studies.

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