The Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration (OxMo) is a bi-annual, independent, academic journal that engages with issues of forced migration.

OxMo is dedicated to protecting and advancing the human rights of forced migrants. By monitoring policy, legal, political and academic developments, OxMo seek to draw attention to the plight of forced migrants and identify gaps in protection.


  • seeks to present critical yet balanced analyses of forced migration issues, with a commitment to the highest possible academic standards.
  • creates a space for students, early career researchers, activists and practitioners to publish and share their work.
  • welcomes submissions from all those committed to its aims and is committed to working with authors to develop their work through discussions and review with our expert editorial board.
  • aims to speak to practitioners and create dialogue between practitioners and academics through concise articles that have a grounding in field-based research.
  • is committed to providing a platform for those who have experienced, or are from areas affected by, forced migration to share their critical insights; OxMo aims to include a high diversity of voices and experiences to create a truly global dialogue.


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